Indian companies suffered highest domain name system attacks in 2020

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Globally the DNS attack speed is 9.5 strikes per organization.

According to the report, commissioned by Affordable IP, a network automation and safety firm, 27 percent of India’s organizations dropped sensitive client data in data breaches because of DNS attacks in contrast to 16% worldwide. It has tarnished the newest image of Indian firms over their international counterparts. In India, 44% of employers reported damage to their origins because of DNS attacks, in contrast to the global average of 29 percent.

India appears to have fared much better than Asia peers concerning the price of DNS attacks. Cost incurred by firms in the Asia area fell 2.62percent and stood at roughly $6 crore in 2020. The worldwide average rate of every attack was approximately $7 crore.

Along with losing information, in-house program downtime also remained exceptionally high in 2020. Software downtime, be it on the assumption or at the cloud were equally influenced by DNS strikes. Approximately 82 percent of those companies had undergone program downtime of some type.

“The results of these attacks can be quite harmful financially and have an immediate effect on the capacity to run business.

Though DNS strikes remain a massive concern, organizations become more conscious about the danger and its effects on business.

Approximately 77 percent of Indian businesses considered DNS safety as a crucial part of their network structure compared to 64 percent this past year.

Further, 31 percent of businesses are currently embracing the Zero Trust strategy compared to 17 percent this past year, while 55 percent are utilizing predictive analytics from 45 percent in the previous calendar year.

“DNS provides valuable information which may make safety plans against hackers a lot more proactive and preventative.

Researchers in IDC believes the greater adoption of cloud solutions because of COVID-19 is very likely to earn cloud more attractive target for attackers.

DNS is similar to a phonebook of the Web that permits Internet devices to discover individual web servers and access data hosted independently. DNS could be targeted in numerous ways.

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